Have you ever over analyzed a situation and regretted doing it while you try to resolve it?

There are some people in your life whom you are scared to lose. You always try everything that helps you to save them but there is always a moment where your insecurities peep in. The moment where you feel that anything you do is making them fade away. But the truth is, they never. It is just your fear that affects every conversation you do.

Their presence makes you feel elated and complete. Yes, there is always a person in your life whose presence affects you the most. The person who guides you through all your thick and thins, who protects you like a dandelion that is very fragile, and contradictory to that who trains you like no one in the world would be able to devastate you, who is happier at your success more than you are, who always tells you what your worth is and what you are capable of.

But sometimes those little things they say affect you so much that you always end up over analyzing them. The second you think about it, it’s your insecurities that speak and not your actual self. Ultimately, you end up doubting your bond with the other person. The connect that you have is because of who you actually are not because of insecurities that only one of you have. The bond that you share is not going to change unless one of you changes, i.e either one of you gets bored of the other one or their PRIORITIES change.

If a person wants to be in your life they will make an obvious effort to do so, we don’t need to make a constant effort to make them stay. The tighter you hold on to them the faster they want to slip away from you. Give them their space and trust the process.



Knockings From Inside

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