Love Yourself

Chanchal Lalwani
2 min readMay 28, 2021

If someone asks you to define yourself, how would you do it? By telling them your life journey of how much you struggled? By listing out the accomplishments that you had or by counting the most expensive things you own?

Do you think that these fewer words or sentences have the power to define who we are. We will never be defined by the way people interpret us but by the way how we see ourselves. We are defined by the spark that we carry in our eyes while doing the things we love; by happiness that we get while spending time with our loved ones; by the courage to do things we love and what makes us happy. The things that matter the most to ourselves.

We are busy doing things that people want us to do. Making money, being successful getting settled and what not. I have often heard people saying that ‘yaar time nahi mila’ but the truth is we are busy doing things on repeat and never doing things that make us different and the little details that make us who we are. However, we have ample amount of time to do everything we want to, but the technology is not letting us do it and we end up wasting a lot of time .

Tell me the last time you did something that made you happy?

For me it was trekking up to the mountain and looking, to what on earth we actually miss when we are busy living for others. Don’t you think that sometimes we should actually do things that make us happy. If you value your own self, you begin to blossom in a way you never thought you would. So, love yourself and live life the way you want to.