Soon you graduate high school

Then soon you’ll leave for college.

All of it is about to get over

You’re about to walk across the stage and get your diploma, shake some hands and go to lots and lots of graduation parties.

But not long after that… the people that you grew up with, that became your best friends will no longer be just a quick 10 minutes away. Going to see them would feel like a road trip. One by one your friends will start to leave as they go on to start a new chapter of their life. Your find friends map would not be a cluster of faces anymore. You’ll have to zoom out to see where they currently are.

One day you’ll be taking your last school exam, and your last report card would just be days away. One day you’ll be standing in a queue height wise doing the last morning drills wearing the most hated uniforms. One day you’ll be standing with the people who watched you grow up. A lot of these people you’ll never see or hear of again until you see a picture that brings back thousands of memories connected with it.

There wouldn’t be those late night calls to remind your best friend to bring the necessary textbooks, no more sprinting to class so don’t get another tardy, no more getting to eat together after playing all the games, no more playing games despite of the summer heat, no more shouting to convince the teachers for going to labs, no more listening to principal on the intercom every single day, no more getting up early in the morning and struggling to get ready for schools, no more sharing benches, no more changing the benches after the teacher used to leave the class, no more national festival programs on the auditorium, no more parade practices in the sun, no more shouting ‘I love cheap thrills’ on the top of your lungs while dancing on the crazy children’s day DJ party. No more running after the last bell of the school.

I know it sounds cliche but high school days does fly by. The days were long(sometimes really, really long) but the days are so, so short now. Enjoy all the lasts. The last test you take, the last time you wear your uniforms, last dayouts with your friends. Enjoy the last time with the people you went to school with. And most of all enjoy the last time left in your hometown because soon you will be using a GPS everywhere you go. And enjoy the few days you have with your friends and family because soon you will be packing 18 years of your life into boxes and hugging your parents goodbye.



Knockings From Inside

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